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Cultural Orientations


cultural orientations

China Orientations offers unique cultural orientations for individuals and groups who are preparing for a trip to China for business, pleasure, research, or travel. Specializing in talks on Sino-Judaic history, orientations include essential cultural do's and don'ts, business etiquette, and  Chinese history and culture which will help you understand the Chinese people, yesterday and today.

Orientations are tailored to your group's unique needs and interests. Included in all orientations is a mini crash course in Chinese by the author of Chinese for Dummies.

Essential for business people, academics, and seasoned travelers alike, China Orientations positions you for success with a millennia-old  culture in the 21st century.


Jewish Survival in China Travel Kits


unique jewish survival in china travel kits

Jewish Survival in China Travel Kits celebrate China's Jewish history while guiding you, the modern day traveler, as you navigate the in's and out's of Jewish life in China today. Whether for individuals or groups, China Orientations offers unique, custom-made travel kits with your name embossed in gold, as a  very special keepsake for your once-in-a-lifetime trip. Each Travel Kit contains ...


sino-judaic history pocket cards

Unique pocket-size cards for each Chinese city with a Jewish history: Harbin, Tianjin, Shanghai, and Kaifeng. On each card are invaluable lists and fascinating stories about that city's:  

  • Jewish sites
  • Jewish history
  • Chinese scholars of Judaic Studies
  • Judaic Studies Research Institutes 
  • Synagogues and Jewish Community Centers
  • Local tour guides expert in their city's Jewish history


jewish survival (yours) in china cards and ...

  • Hospitals                             Tums
  • Pharmacies                        Face Mask
  • U.S. Consulates               Kaopectate
  • American Embassy       Chicken Soup Bouillon Cube


the spiritual essentials

  • Shabbat Candles
  • Mini Hebrew Prayer Book
  • Traveling Shabbat Candlesticks
  • Yarmulkas hand-made by the Chinese Jews of Kaifeng 


kosher restaurant panic cards

  • List of vegetarian restaurants in China
  • List of Kosher (and traif) foods in Chinese and English (Just point even if you can't pronounce anything)
  • Phrases for ordering  kosher and vegetarian food
  • Easy-to-whip-out taxi driver cards in Chinese to get you to your restaurant unscathed
  • Famous Chinese haggle phrases

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jewish survival in china Travel kit

jewish survival in china Travel kit

jewish survival in china Travel kit

Don't leave home without it ...


crash course in mandarin

jewish survival in china Travel kit

jewish survival in china Travel kit

By the author of Chinese for Dummies


cultural orientations

jewish survival in china Travel kit

cultural orientations

Get to know a quarter of humanity ...